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Black comedy: War, Inc.

Posted in Entertainment, News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on July 4, 2009

Dutch website Zapruder.nl recently plugged a political satire called “War, Inc.”, featuring John Cusack, Hilary Duff, Marisa Tomei, Joan Cusack, Dan Aykroyd and Ben Kingsley. I’m a huge fan of black comedy, so I highly recommend everyone seeing this movie, but most people are brainwashed and don’t truely understand anything, especially this movie, because it tries to tell you something about what is really going on in Iraq… Now that Big-Oil owns Iraq, the troops leave the cities. I hope that’s a coincidence. The Netherlands’ current prime minister, Jan P. Balkenende, his brother, Roland Balkenende, is in Big-Oil. Also: Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with Osama bin Laden, in spite of him also being a CIA-agent. The West gave him his weapons to attack Iran. Hamas is run by the Mossad. MI-5 runs the IRA. The CIA has been in Iran for more than half a century. The U.S. hired the Taliban to attack Iraq, just like it did to attack Russia and other countries. The U.S. funded the Taliban, and also trained, armed and funded Al-Qaeda. Barack H. Obama his advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, worked with them and so did former CIA director Robert Gates, who replaced Donald Rumsfeld and is still Secretary of Defense in the Obama administration. Afghanistan is being occupied for the opium. The CIA also traffics cocaine and other drugs. The police deal the drugs after the Clintons have taken their share from the Bush family. Visit the War, Inc. official website, watch the trailer on Apple.com, and buy the DVD via the official MySpace. I also recommend Grosse Pointe Blank and The Obama Deception. After the break: War, Inc. trailer. A picture of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein. And a picture of Zbigniew Brzezinski with Tim Osman (OBL).
Update: Hilary Duff will be in Gossip Girl. Ghostbusters III announced.



Earth day: Chemtrails

Posted in Entertainment, News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on April 23, 2009

Yesterday was “Earth day”: Check out what Lewis Black thinks about it on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Meanwhile the Netherlands were covered by artificial contrails, most likely with chemicals in it, such as the radioactive barium oxide, but also aluminum oxide, that respectively destroy your immune system and your brain. By the way: Breastmilk is essential for the brain. The ruling elite admit they want to depopulate the earth, i.e. kill 80 or 90% of the people and control the population. Slaves are not allowed to resist, not physically, not mentally. They have to be weakened and unarmed. Chemtrails aren’t a secret either. The corporate media, the gov’t and their corporate scientists simply don’t use the word chemtrail. They call it “aerosol spraying”, condensation, weather control, geo-engineering, terraforming, global dimming, et cetera. Meanwhile secretary of state CIA-agent Hitlery Clinton finds it all Hitlarious, she even laughs about Somali piracy. Images of the earth day’s chemtrails over the Netherlands and Belgium can be seen on Niburu.nl and some more after the break. Alex Jones InfoWars has recently started a project to disclose chemtrails to everyone. Most people already know about chemtrails, but the information is still a bit fragmented. Bonus video (dutch) about the chemtrails on april 22 in the Netherlands. I noticed there were a lot of chemtrails a few days earlier as well.

NBC report disclosing barium, aluminum in contrails.

Update 2011: I’ve made a page about chemtrails.


Wake Up Call – Remastered Edition

Posted in Entertainment, News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on November 23, 2008

Wake Up Call – Remastered Edition is a two and a half hour film compiled by John Nada. You can buy a DVD at his website, watch it on Google Video, download it from Google Video in Flash Video (FLV, 351MB) or MPEG4 (MP4, resolution: 320×214, framerate: 29.80fps, size: 499MB) (direct download), watch it on YouTube.com, or get the XVID (size: 1.1 GB) via torrent. I downloaded the XVID (resolution: 720 x 480 pixels, framerate: 29.97fps, bitrate: 966Kbps, audio: stereo 48000Hz MP3, bitrate: 192Kbps) and will help sharing this great film, because it is a must see for everyone! (To put it on 2 CD’s, just cut it in half at 1:16:21.) The movie has a short introduction and three chapters: (Part One, 8:19) The Global Elite, (Part Two, 57:07) Problem Reaction Solution, (Part Three, 1:44:06) Mind Control.

Update: Single layer DVD-Video ISO-image torrent. (More than 4 GB (!) and not very fast, so please help uploading if you download!) (The XVID (size: 1.1 GB) has more seeders.)

Four minute preview to “Wake Up Call” after te break. (more…)

October surprise in review

Posted in Entertainment, News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on November 20, 2008

I know, it’s November the 20th, but let’s have a look at what happened in October. Someone promised a big spaceship from the Galactic Federation of Light. Which obviously never came. Surprise! Just another hoax on the internet. Or was it? The person said the aliens didn’t show up, because they want us to create a New World Order first. As it turns out, it was a cover-up, because Dick Cheney Darth Vader took over the Pentagon and with the help of his son, Luke Skywalker, fought off the invasion. Video evidence after the break!

Biden promises generated crisis that threatens Obama

Posted in Entertainment, News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on November 3, 2008

Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s running mate, doesn’t like Obama, just like LBJ didn’t like JFK and Bush sr. doesn’t like Reagan. Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart reported on this. Watch the video (october 23) or read it here.

Jon Stewart: “Joe The Gaffers’ most recent Biden occurred at closed door fundraiser in Seattle, where he worked to reassure that Obama was ready.”

Joe Biden, Sunday: “Mark my words, it will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama, like they did John Kennedy…” “…Watch. We’re going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.” … “I guarantee you it’s gonna happen. I can give you at least four of five scenarios from where it might originate.”

Update: Just to be clear. This incident is not an incident. It is not even a gaffe. The New World Order will kill Obama, unless he executes their envirofascist-agenda.

Full audioclip after the break. (more…)

A view into the future

Posted in Entertainment, News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on October 9, 2008

Let’s have a sneak peak into the future of the United States of America.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Gas Pains. Rob Riggle dons the dystopian feathers and football gear for a Memorial Day battle to the gas pump.

After the break: Waterworld Original Film Trailer, Mad Max Road Warrior (Trailer) and 2Pac – California Love.


Boom Chicago: Highly Dubious News

Posted in Entertainment, News, Politics, Video by Dutch Freedom on May 23, 2008

Boom Chicago has a video-series called “Highly Dubious News”. Which says it all. It’s very funny and also educational. Watch the latest episode, 9 may 2008, on YouTube.com or BoomChicago.TV. Description:

Greg Shapiro talks about the American Election this week in the Week in Review

The host of the show is Greg Shapiro. He’s famous for this kind of video’s, so check out their YouTube Channel, YouTube.com/BoomChicago, to see other video’s from Boom Chicago!


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