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HPV vaccine boycott

New website about this subject: http://truthaboutgardasil.org/ (with updated death count).

According to its own documents, the FDA has known since at least 2003 that the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) does not cause cervical cancer: “Based on new scientific information published in the past 15 years, it is now generally agreed that identifying and typing HPV infection does not bear a direct relationship to stratification of the risk for cervical canver.” A woman’s poor state of health is what leads to persistent HPV infections and increased risk of cancer, but not the virus itself. The FDA has also been aware that the HPV vaccine, “Gardasil”, may increase the risk of precancerous lesions of the cervix by 44.6% in women who already have the virus. A vaccine given to a woman who already carries HPV may activate the virus: “…vaccination with Gardasil of the women who are already sero-positive and PCR-positive for vaccine-relevant genotypes of HPV has been found to increase the risk of developing high-grade precancerous lesions by 44.6%…” This is highly significant, as the sexually-transmitted HPV virus is so common that nearly all women who are sexually active already have it. Vaccinating sexually active women, therefore, could dramatically increase the rate of cervical cancer. There are also serious questions about the safety of the vaccine for young girls, as in a short period of time there have been 3,500 side effects reported, hundreds deemed serious, and at least five girls have died as a result. In addition, the vaccine has been proven ineffective in preventing HPV, as well as in eradicating the virus from women who already have it, and often causes an increase in the precence of HPV strains: “No significant evidence of a vaccine therapeutic effect was observed in analyses…” “…rates of viral clearance over a 12-month period are not influenced by vaccination.” “…it is unlikely that vaccination could have a significant beneficial impact…” “…there is little, if any, therapeutic benefit from the vaccine…” – The previous 4 quotes came from the Journal of the American Medical Association (August, 2007). Infections caused by HPV actually pose no danger in healthy women according to the FDA’s website, and are usually “short-lived”. HPV infections are controlled naturally, without requiring the intervention of drugs or vaccines. None of this information was made available during recent debates over the safety of mandatory Gardasil vaccines. Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasil, has stated that young boys should receive the HPV vaccine, but that seems quite unnecessary, since boys don’t have a cervix. Texas was the first state to mandate the HPV vaccine. Girls entering the sixth grade in Texas must be vaccinated, beginning in September 2008.

(This text is from a video censored by Youtube, which is owned by Google, a member of Bilderberg, founded by CIA, founded by Skull & Bones, founded by East India compagnie, founded by Satanic fascists.)

Source: RedPillReich.BlogSpot.com
HPV Bomb: HPV Does NOT Cause Cancer, HPV Vaccine Does

As of August 2007, a review of the National Vaccine Information Center revealed the following, quite alarming, statistic about this unnecessary vaccine: 2,207 adverse reactions to Gardasil have been reported. Among them:

5 girls died
31 were considered life-threatening
1,385 required a visit to the emergency room
451 of the girls have not recovered as of July 2007
51 of the girls were disabled

Update: Above information is old. The death toll is rising fast!
Update: Someone replaced the content of this Wiki-page with a link to this article saying “Cleaned up some fake bogus”. I would never have done that. Anyway, the link was automaticly removed by a bot and the page was reverted automaticly. (15-1-2009.)

Update: Vaccines as biological weapons.

Translation of my Dutch blogposting: HPV-vaccinatie? Niet doen!

The HPV-vaccination has killed tens, caused thousends and thousends of side effects, of which hundreds are very bad and irreversable. The Dutch government is testing a vaccine on children starting 2009. Costs: 30 million euro of tax-payers money. Secret FDA documents show that HPV does not cause cancer. The HPV vaccine alters the DNA, damages the immune system, causes cancer and infertility. The vaccines contain mercury and aluminum. Both very bad for the brain.

New: HPV-vaccinatie? Niet doen! (deel 2) People protest corporations experimenting on animals. People should be mad as hell about governments experimenting on millions of children! Injections for girls aged 13, 14, 15, 16 in the Netherlands start the first of march 2009.

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