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Chemtrails are the combination of chemicals and contrails or sometimes simply chemicals or biological pathogens being sprayed by aeroplanes, helicopters, drones and rockets. A few simple examples in alphabetical order:
Update: Patent no. US 7413145 b2.

  • Agriculture (pesticide)
    Airplanes are used to spray herbicides on GMO crops. For example: Glyfosate (Monsanto Round-up), is very harmful, though Monsanto obviously lies about everything, including the devastation caused by the genetically modified organisms themselves. (Called “Roundup Ready”, etc..) (Sterility, infant mortality.)
    Other agricultural uses: Spraying of insecticides and other pesticides.
    Other use of pesticide: Insecticide against West Nile virus: More West Nile Spraying Planned (KCRA report)
  • Aluminium borohydride
    Jet fuel doesn’t burn clean. The word “contrail” is an extremely naïve term, but what do you expect from people who are totally indoctrinated and suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Aluminium masks acid rain and is harmful to the brain. Barium is also found in jet fuel. It shuts down the immune system.
    Monsanto has developed aluminum resistant GMO crops.
  • Biological pathogens
    Bacteria: Weaponized Q-fever, weaponized Anthrax, etc.. Fungi, mycoplasma, viruses: The “swine” flu was artificially created and may have been released through ‘biotrails’. It occurred in the wrong hemisphere. Vaccines and Tamiflu are poison and only amplify the virus. Get vitamins and minerals instead.
  • Carbon dioxide
    Carbon dioxide is not dihydrogen monoxide, therefore the word “contrail” is deceptive. It implies water only. The correct word is: Chemtrail.
  • Chemical weapons
    Nerve gas: Sarin, Soman, Tabun, VX.
  • Coloured smoke
    Smoke being sprayed by planes. Sometimes different colours: Red, white ‘n blue for example!
  • Corexit spraying
    Corexit is used to mask the BP oil spill. The oil spill is not an accident, abiotic oil and still leaking. Corexit is a horrible chemical, and only masking the oil spill, and it is still being sprayed in secret.
  • Geo-engineering
    Watch the documentary What in the world are they spraying? or do an interview with Bilderberger Bill Gates.
    CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, (Chatham House shadow-government) wants geo-engineering.
  • Global dimming
    This effect was noticed after the 9/11 false flag attacks. The “contrails” block the sun, but also lock heat inside the atmosphere during the night. BBC documentary about global dimming.
  • Military
    Agent Orange (herbicide) (Vietnam War, still causing dioxin poisoning today)
    Silver iodide (cloud seeding, weather control) (Top-secret Vietnam War project)
    Weather warfare. “Total control planned for 2025”.
    Hiding from spy planes and (spy) satellites.
    Hiding from radar: Chaff (countermeasure).
    Improving long range communication and communication with submarines.
    Mind-control with HAARP: Physical and emotional manipulation.
  • Nano pathogens
    Morgellons disease
  • Persistent contrails
    New theory: Aeroplanes may be flying through a different layer of the atmosphere now at the same altitude as they used to. (SotT.net) Because the earth’s atmosphere is getting smaller, because of the magnetic field weakening, because of the ongoing pole shift.
  • Radiological use for shielding the earth (?), mind-control and earthquakes through HAARP.
    The earth’s magnetic field is weakening, because of the ongoing pole shift. The radiation from solar flares becomes a threat. HAARP: Watch Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: HAARP (Season 1, Episode 1.).

  • Weather control
    China used this during the Olympic games.
    The mayor of Moscow said he would like to make his city snow free year round.

This page is just a quick note. Your intel is welcome. Thank you.
Some dedicated websites: AirCrap.org, Belfort-Group.eu, TruthInducedParanoia.com, BariumBlues.com, CarnicomInstitute.org, CaliforniaSkywatch.com, HandsoffMotherearth.org, ChemtrailCentral.com, ChemtrailKathy.com, Chemtrails.cc, Chemtrailsmap.com, ExoticWarfare.com, ISeeLines.com, WeatherModification.org, TankerEnemy.blogspot.com, TankerEnemy.com (Italian edition), OkanaganChemtrails.blog.ca, MorgellonsExposed.com, AgainstChemtrailsBlog.blogspot.com, ChemtrailsNorthNZ.wordpress.com, ChemtrailsOverTheGlobe.blogspot.com, MatrixNewsNetwork.com, GeoengineeringWatch.org, TruthMediaProductions.blogspot.com, Nutrimedical.com, ClayAndIron.com, ChemtrailsNZ.co.cc, TheConTrail.com, VancouverSkywatch.com (list of more than 50 chemtrail sites), Chemtrailnews.co.uk, Chemtruth.ning.com, Chemtrailreport.blogspot.com, Operation-Skywatch-UK.webs.com, StacyYoungPhotos.blogspot.com, flickr.com/groups/ChemtrailsIreland, KlimaatManipulatie.wordpress.com.

Aerosol Crimes 2005 documentary by The Carnicom Institute.

NBC 2006 report:
Other news report:
Music: Beck – Chemtrails (songtext on youtube)

Massive chemtrail over Melbourne, Australia.

02/04/09. Today at approx 9.30 am a mysterious white plane travelling from East to west across METRO MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA left a cloud plume as far as the eye can see, 100 miles easily. Always hitting our atmosphere just before a DEVELOPING RAIN EVENT, killing off all cloud formations, i.e. 0% Rainfall across the state! This has happened for over 10 years. I have been an avid storm observer since the 80’s and I have seen a 95% reduction in all storm activities and a massive rainfall decline since 1997.


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  1. Stacy Young said, on May 20, 2011 at 22:09

    Great site, keep it up!

    We are having a big rock concert NWO awareness festival this October 1, 2011 in Orlando called Orlando Truthfest! There will be guest speakers talking between the band performances on topics such as Chemtrails, 9/11 Truth, Aspartame and the FDA, The War on Drugs, etc… We are still taking applications for Guest Speakers and Info Tables…. Please email me. truthfest@hotmail.com The Festival Website: Truthfest.org and Myspace.com/orlandotruthfest

  2. Stacy Young said, on May 22, 2011 at 5:30

    Hi, thanks for adding my site to your list!
    Also, I just gave it a URL, it is PlowedClouds.com
    Keep up the great work!

  3. […] information about chemtrails: Dutch Patriot News Chemtrails https://dutchpatriot.wordpress.com/chemtrails/ This page is just a quick note. Your intel is welcome. Thank you. Some dedicated websites: […]

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