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Infowars Moneybomb great success!

Posted in News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on October 20, 2010

Last Thursday, the 14th of October 2010, the Infowars crew started their Moneybomb marathon, a 27 hour broadcast to raise funds for their operation. By the end of the broadcast they had broken the record of their previous fund-raisers in spite of the financial depression. People can still and always donate via InfowarsMoneybomb.com, Infowars.com and Infowarsshop.com. I had previously donated and ordered some t-shirts, hats and documentaries via the Infowars shop at Yahoo. The prices in the Infowars shop are very low. Without adding large donations, I would feel like I’m robbing them! This is my latest order:

The Secret Of Oz: Solutions For a Broken Economy (trailer)
Infowars Knit Beanie Cap
Infowars Inside Job Baseball Cap
9/11 Inside Job Infogear Special
DVD Arsenal – Combo Pack
Legalize Freedom P.O.W. T-Shirt
American Drug War
Enemy Of The State: Camp FEMA Part 2 (trailer 1, trailer 2, trailer 3)
What in the World Are They Spraying?
Money Bomb 2010 Donation

Camp FEMA 2, Enemy of the State, was a pre-order, because the release is today. This documentary is very important, because it puts the facts into perspective so that we can make sense of it. Well, “sense”…? I don’t think it’s sensible to poison the people and infect them, so that they can be put away in camps and mass-graves. But that’s what the globalists are doing.


People can create money

Posted in News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on August 6, 2010

When I first heard about the “National Debt”, I was still very young and I rolled on the floor laughing my ass off with tears in my eyes while peeing in my pants, because I thought it was a joke. I thought we were sovereign individuals making a sovereign nation, literaly owning ourselves, not property of international bankers living in a corporate slave colony. Apparently I was wrong, because it was not a joke. I asked everybody why they were not resisting their enslavement, but nobody understood and nobody cared. People can create money, because people have value and can create more value. You value yourself, so you fund yourself. As congressman Ron Paul suggests international trade will be based on things like silver and gold, otherwise you can steal the world, like the bankers have done. Watch the trailer for The Money Masters II: The Secret of Oz by Bill Still and buy the DVD-video at SecretofOZ.com or Infowarsshop.com.

Smolensk aircrash false flag

Posted in News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on April 22, 2010

What caused the Smolensk aircrash? The plane did not malfunction. Russian speaking agents killed the last survivors shortly after the crash. The following video proves it:

Read more on Kavkaz.org.uk. Many people even blame the Israëli intelligence agency for staging a false flag, since Israëli media blame the Russian FSB. Why would the Mossad want to attack both Poland and Russia? Personally, I think MI-6 and CIA are involved too.

Update: Filmer assassinated. Video-stabilized version and report by Jane Burgermeister after the break:

Banker takeover: Carbon dioxide hoax

Posted in News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on September 20, 2009

Climate sceptics from Australia have made a ten minute short documentary about global warming. The short film is called “Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)… Do We Really Need It?!”. Please download, copy and share the video, because of censorship.

A brief summary compiled by Leon Ashby,
President The Climate Sceptics
Centenary Medal recipient for services to the environment

Watch it on YouTube or here, after the break. Also learn about HAARP and EISCAT, chemtrails, geo-engineering, et cetera. Watch The Obama Deception and the trailer of part 2.


Black comedy: War, Inc.

Posted in Entertainment, News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on July 4, 2009

Dutch website Zapruder.nl recently plugged a political satire called “War, Inc.”, featuring John Cusack, Hilary Duff, Marisa Tomei, Joan Cusack, Dan Aykroyd and Ben Kingsley. I’m a huge fan of black comedy, so I highly recommend everyone seeing this movie, but most people are brainwashed and don’t truely understand anything, especially this movie, because it tries to tell you something about what is really going on in Iraq… Now that Big-Oil owns Iraq, the troops leave the cities. I hope that’s a coincidence. The Netherlands’ current prime minister, Jan P. Balkenende, his brother, Roland Balkenende, is in Big-Oil. Also: Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with Osama bin Laden, in spite of him also being a CIA-agent. The West gave him his weapons to attack Iran. Hamas is run by the Mossad. MI-5 runs the IRA. The CIA has been in Iran for more than half a century. The U.S. hired the Taliban to attack Iraq, just like it did to attack Russia and other countries. The U.S. funded the Taliban, and also trained, armed and funded Al-Qaeda. Barack H. Obama his advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, worked with them and so did former CIA director Robert Gates, who replaced Donald Rumsfeld and is still Secretary of Defense in the Obama administration. Afghanistan is being occupied for the opium. The CIA also traffics cocaine and other drugs. The police deal the drugs after the Clintons have taken their share from the Bush family. Visit the War, Inc. official website, watch the trailer on Apple.com, and buy the DVD via the official MySpace. I also recommend Grosse Pointe Blank and The Obama Deception. After the break: War, Inc. trailer. A picture of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein. And a picture of Zbigniew Brzezinski with Tim Osman (OBL).
Update: Hilary Duff will be in Gossip Girl. Ghostbusters III announced.


Earth day: Chemtrails

Posted in Entertainment, News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on April 23, 2009

Yesterday was “Earth day”: Check out what Lewis Black thinks about it on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Meanwhile the Netherlands were covered by artificial contrails, most likely with chemicals in it, such as the radioactive barium oxide, but also aluminum oxide, that respectively destroy your immune system and your brain. By the way: Breastmilk is essential for the brain. The ruling elite admit they want to depopulate the earth, i.e. kill 80 or 90% of the people and control the population. Slaves are not allowed to resist, not physically, not mentally. They have to be weakened and unarmed. Chemtrails aren’t a secret either. The corporate media, the gov’t and their corporate scientists simply don’t use the word chemtrail. They call it “aerosol spraying”, condensation, weather control, geo-engineering, terraforming, global dimming, et cetera. Meanwhile secretary of state CIA-agent Hitlery Clinton finds it all Hitlarious, she even laughs about Somali piracy. Images of the earth day’s chemtrails over the Netherlands and Belgium can be seen on Niburu.nl and some more after the break. Alex Jones InfoWars has recently started a project to disclose chemtrails to everyone. Most people already know about chemtrails, but the information is still a bit fragmented. Bonus video (dutch) about the chemtrails on april 22 in the Netherlands. I noticed there were a lot of chemtrails a few days earlier as well.

NBC report disclosing barium, aluminum in contrails.

Update 2011: I’ve made a page about chemtrails.


Alex Jones Infowars: The Obama Deception

Posted in News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on March 21, 2009

The Obama Deception has been released a little earlier than was planned, because the FBI was stalking the Infowars.com / Prisonplanet.com office. The FBI probably wanted to shutdown the servers. Get a copy of The Obama Deception widescreen DVD-Video with exclusive bonus features (DNC Denver 2008 and Extended interviews) at Alex Jones’ Infowars Store. Become a member of Prisonplanet.tv to watch The Obama Deception and hundreds of other titles in high quality. The movie can also be seen on Google Video, YouTube and other videosites. Downloaded in widescreen MP4 from YouTube (0,5GB), Xvid (DivX-compatible) (size: 697MB) via BitTorrent. Be sure to support Alex Jones, support liberty: Make a donation to Infowars.com. View the trailers to The Obama Deception in this posting: Esoteric Agenda outtake. Read more about The Obama Deception after the break.
Update: Dutch subtitles available for free to download online! Also available on YouTube! Many other languages are available too!
Update: Infowars was DDoS-attacked for a week. Entire server farm down. AlexJonesChannel on YouTube suspended.
Update: Make a leaflet (poster) for The Obama Deception.
Update: An ISO-image of the original The Obama Deception DVD with bonus features is available via torrent. The disc says COPY & SHARE, so you know what to do. It’s 4,3 GB and has very few seeders, so if you have the DVD and want to help seed, just make an ISO-image of it, get the torrent and open it in uTorrent, but don’t start it yet, rename the ISO to ObamaDeception.iso and then “Force Re-Check” in uTorrent. The ISO should be 99% identical. Then start seeding it.

Update: The DivX / Xvid version has a small technical problem. The FourCC reads “xvid” instead of “XVID”, causing regular software Xvid decoders to fail, because it is not recognized as Xvid. Change the FourCC to fix it. Koepi’s Xvid codec comes with Nic’s FourCC changer. DivX.com software and FFDShow based codec packs, such as K-Lite and Combined Community, don’t need the file to be fixed, but they don’t fit on a CD with the video. Also: After fixing the file, you can’t seed it anymore with this torrent.
Update: Tested the original Divx / Xvid in a Sony DVD-player with DivX support. “Data error” it said. My other DVD-player did play it.
Update: Changed the original fourcc from “xvid” to “DIVX”, and it worked with my old Sony DVD-player with DivX-support, and also with regular software XVID codecs with DIVX FourCC support enabled in the Xvid decoder configuration.
Update: Changed the original fourcc from “xvid” to “XVID”, which works for regular software XVID decoders, but the Sony DVD-player with DivX-support gave a “Date error” again. So FourCC “DIVX” is the best option.
Update: My advice: Get the xvid (697 MB). Change the fourcc to DIVX, include Koepi’s Xvid codec on the CD and a link to this post.


Esoteric Agenda outtake

Posted in News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on March 1, 2009

This video from about 5 minutes was removed from Talismanic Idols’ Esoteric Agenda (DVD edition) (at 1h22m). Filmmaker Ben Stewart probably wanted to make the film a little shorter. The part is about the right to carry weapons and features Jordan Maxwell, Charlton Heston and Suzanna Gratia. It’s very important, so that’s why I’m posting it here. Please share your opinion on why firearms are essential. The government is constantly working to remove rights, guns and ammunition. See this video for more information, also about the FEMA-camps, H.R. 645. Talismanic Idols has released a new documentary called Kymatica, also available for free online. I highly recommend people see the movie Wake Up Call and Alex Jones films, such as Terrorstorm and Loose Change Final Cut. Alex Jones will release a new film on March the 15th: The Obama Deception. View the three minute trailer of it after the break.
Update: There’s also a second trailer after the break. A must see!
Update: The Obama Deception has been released a few days early, because the FBI is stalking the InfoWars and PrisonPlanet office.


Jason Bermas hosts The Alex Jones Show

Posted in News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on January 15, 2009

This week Jason Bermas hosts The Alex Jones Show. (Alex Jones is taking a week off.)
You may know Jason Bermas from movies like the all new Loose Change Final Cut and the all new Fabled Enemies!

You can watch his movies online at Google Video or download them via KeepVid.com:

Jason Bermas’ Fabled Enemies (Google Video). Download via KeepVid.com
Loose Change Final Cut (Google Video). Download via KeepVid.com.
Loose Change Final Cut (Google Video with Dutch subtitles.)
Watch Alex Jones his movies too!

Go to Www.InfoWars.com to listen to The Alex Jones Show.
Also visit the other Alex Jones websites.
Update: Alex is back. (18-1)

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NASA: Atmosphere smaller than ever

Posted in News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on December 23, 2008

PRESS RELEASE – Space Has Never Been Closer: NASA Instruments Document Contraction of the Boundary Between the Earth’s Ionosphere and Space.

Al Gore will probably claim it’s because of global warming, even tough the earth has been cooling for at least the past decade, because if you wash your clothes too hot, they shrink too. Obviously it’s caused by the sun, but HAARP (and other ionospheric heaters) and a pole shift may be related as well. Envirofascists and illuminazi’s have nothing to worry about: They live in deep underground military bases (D.U.M.B.’s).