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Wake Up Call – Remastered Edition

Posted in Entertainment, News, Politics, Science, Video by Dutch Freedom on November 23, 2008

Wake Up Call – Remastered Edition is a two and a half hour film compiled by John Nada. You can buy a DVD at his website, watch it on Google Video, download it from Google Video in Flash Video (FLV, 351MB) or MPEG4 (MP4, resolution: 320×214, framerate: 29.80fps, size: 499MB) (direct download), watch it on YouTube.com, or get the XVID (size: 1.1 GB) via torrent. I downloaded the XVID (resolution: 720 x 480 pixels, framerate: 29.97fps, bitrate: 966Kbps, audio: stereo 48000Hz MP3, bitrate: 192Kbps) and will help sharing this great film, because it is a must see for everyone! (To put it on 2 CD’s, just cut it in half at 1:16:21.) The movie has a short introduction and three chapters: (Part One, 8:19) The Global Elite, (Part Two, 57:07) Problem Reaction Solution, (Part Three, 1:44:06) Mind Control.

Update: Single layer DVD-Video ISO-image torrent. (More than 4 GB (!) and not very fast, so please help uploading if you download!) (The XVID (size: 1.1 GB) has more seeders.)

Four minute preview to “Wake Up Call” after te break.


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